Ross Parry, Professor of Museum Technology in the School of Museum Studies, at the University of Leicester (UK)

Jungwha Kim, Founding Director of the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, former Professor in Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST (Korea)

Mingi Kang, Deputy Director, Digital Initiatives Division (Korea)

Sally Bushell, Professor of Romantic and Victorian Literature at Lancaster University  (UK)

Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator of Contemporary British Collections at the British Library  (UK)

Taebeum Ahn, Senior Curator, Basic Science Division, National Science Museum of Korea (Korea)

Juha Lee, Art&Science Researcher, History of Korean Science and Technology Division, National Science Museum of Korea (Korea)

Fiona Slater, Science Museum Group (UK)

Kathryn Penny, Head of Screen and Cultural Engagement at  the Science and Industry Museum (UK)

Barry Ginley, Chief Executive Officer, Tamstone Consulting Ltd, former V&A Access and Inclusion lead  (UK)

Yu Won Lee, Chief Executive Officer Banjihagames (Korea)