Author: Rebecca Mileham

  • Accessibility: the new normal  

    Accessibility: the new normal  

    Voice-activated and audio-enabled technologies are now an everyday part of life for many people. They’re also striking a chord in the culture sector as museums and digital artists seek to offer inclusive experiences to vision-impaired users, as Rebecca Mileham found out at the latest workshop in the Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation project.  In the last…

  • No one left behind 

    No one left behind 

    What links a map-building project in Minecraft, a virtual exhibition exploring art and AI, and a computer games festival celebrating play? In her second report from the Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation project, museum consultant Rebecca Mileham discusses exciting cultural initiatives and their implications for digital inclusion.  The projects above were all among the visionary activities…

  • From Access to Inclusion

    From Access to Inclusion

    Museum consultant Rebecca Mileham reflects on ideas and issues emerging from the Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation project which recently held its first workshop During the pandemic, digital access to culture was the only access. No one could visit a museum, take a physical book out of a library or attend an event in person. Yet…