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Workshop 2:Digital Engagement at GLAMs: Pushing the Boundaries to Challenge the Digital Divide

Time: 21 September 2022, 9.00 – 11.00 (London, BST) / 17.00 – 19.00 (Seoul, KST)  

Description: Emerging technologies such as games and virtual reality have been applied as a way for museum visitors to interact with cultural contents and communicate with others in virtual spaces. However, historically, we have encountered unexpected problems during these attempts because we do not consider diverse groups of people and their different experiences. In Workshop 1, we explored a number of concepts related to “digital inclusion” and identified a conceptual definition of the issues that we need to address.  

In Workshop 2, we examine the issues related to the digital divide encountered in actual practices of digital transformation in culture institutions and museums to find insights to the solution. Our partner institutions will present their experiences of conducting digital projects applying to emerging technologies such as games, VR, and interactive exhibitions. Rather than defining failure or success in cases, we want to gather wisdom to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead by exchanging knowledge between GLAM partners in order to bridge the gap that is the digital divide.  

In particular, Workshop 2 addresses questions such as: What are examples of the digital divide that each cultural institution has faced when applying emerging technology for public-facing services? What are the new opportunities and challenges that digital applications have brought to visitors? What should be considered and implemented to reduce the digital divide when applying such technology to the context of each cultural institution? 


Mingi Kang, National Library of Korea

Stella Wisdom, British Library, and Sally Bushell, Lancaster University (UK)

Taebeum Ahn & Juha Lee, National Science Museum of Korea

Fiona Slater and Emilia McKenzie, Science Museum, SMG (UK)

Kathryn Penny, Science and Media Museum, SMG (UK)


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