Workshop 3: Inclusive Technology for Vision Impaired Museum Visitors: Physical and Digital Challenges 

Time: 8 November 2022, 9.00 – 10.30 (London, GMT) / 18.00 – 19.30 (Seoul, KST) 

Description: This workshop, led by Prof. Theano Moussouri (PI) and Dr Rafie Cecilia, focuses on the issues of access and inclusion in relation to digital technology. Technological approaches that support cultural inclusion are developing rapidly, particularly three-dimensional and tactile objects, web applications and audio resources. While traditionally-defined ‘assistive’ technology facilitates the daily lives of people with disabilities, it does not promote inclusion. The museum context is an ideal framework to explore this difference. In fact, inclusion is not promoted by ‘special’ assistive technology that draws attention and identifies people with disabilities in public educational settings like museums. Such attention culturally and physically excludes people with disabilities from non-disabled people in the same setting. This workshop discusses the need to employ inclusive technology instead, namely mainstream technology that can be used by people with disabilities with little or no adaptation. Such devices constitute crucial social inclusion tools, as they have inclusive applications in educational contexts and are used by learners to create and share information. The focus of the workshop is on how cultural institutions are employing technology (both mainstream and assistive technology) to facilitate the museum visit of visually impaired visitors (and disabled visitors in general). 


Barry Ginely,Tamstone consulting (UK) 

Yu Won Lee, Banjihagames (Korea) 

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